“Making Others Rich First will turn your investing methodology upside down. Barry’s incredibly novel concepts, experiences, and strategies put you on the absolute cutting edge of enriching your life by helping others find financial success.”

 — David Wallace, Author of

Accessing Future Memories



“This is the aha book of how we help others find their golden path to riches, and, inevitably, find ours by focusing on others first.”


 — Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling

Author of Creating Your Own Destiny



“If you can network, you can do this. If you have a sincere interest in the success of others, this book shows how you can provide that success. If you desire to create wealth for yourself or others, this is the place to start.”


 — Sonja Price, MA, ACC,

Author of Dynamo Leaders, Dynamo Teams



“You need four things to make a successful real estate deal: time, knowledge, money, and this book!”

 — Matt Jenkins, Author of

Becoming a Great Leader



“If you’ve ever thought about investing in real estate, or if you’ve made mistakes trying to climb the ladder of financial success too quickly, look at this unselfish practice. Barry Wilmeth shares experiences on how collaborating and helping others can provide the road map to your own financial wealth.”


 — Stephanie Zelinsky,

Author of Autistic Healing



“Making others happy is a proven method for finding your own happiness. Barry Wilmeth shares experiences and new ideas that illustrate how this same practice can help you find financial success in real estate investing.”


 — Julia Matsui Higa Estrella,

Author of Being Local in Hawaii



“Barry’s masterful concept is the inspiring spark that will ignite the greatness you have inside just waiting to be released.”


— Lyla B. Berg, Ph.D.,

Author of Leaving the Gilded Cage



“Barry combines storytelling and case studies with captivating style and a sense of involvement that you cannot resist. He illustrates an unsophisticated yet practical approach for collaborating with others to help them find their own true north.”


 — Lori Chaffin, Author of the

Messages Straight from the Heart book series



“This book is the Holy Grail for real estate investors who have tried and failed but want to continue pursuing the path of success in investing. These are the concepts that have stood the test of time and, until now, have never been explained so succinctly.”


 — Juru Dillinger, Author of

Making Love Visible



“The true path to riches is to take the high road of helping others first. I’ve learned from this book how to attract all the money I need to make myself, and others, rich in real estate investing.”


 — Randall Broad, Author of

It’s an Extraordinary Life—Don’t Miss It!



“This is hands-down the best book on finding success by serving the needs of others before your own.”


 — Luis De La Fuente, Author of

Lessons from the Lantern



“If your 401k has fallen in recent years, or you know someone who needs to build or rebuild his or her savings for retirement, use this book to understand how real estate investors leverage private money to make ‘gold mine’ acquisitions.”


 — Bonnie Robinson, Executive Director, North Region EMS and Trauma Care Colonial, Washington State



“This genius concept of making others rich first is something every investor, novice, or veteran can do with minimum startup. Barry Wilmeth shows you how.”

 — Dr. Julie Miller, Author of

Secrets of Self-Starters



“This book turns a simple idea into a fundamental strategy that changes the way you think about investing in real estate. It’s a recipe for success that comes from years of experience. Listen to Barry Wilmeth prescribe all the ingredients needed to turn around your investing concepts and practices by focusing on others first.”

 — Tesia Melani, Author of

Upgrading Your Future



“This book is a collection of heartfelt experiences that are inspiring, practical, and enjoyable. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, and then you’ll stand up and cheer! You’ll be motivated to help others more than you ever did before.”

 — Debra Jason, Author of

Millionaire Marketing on a Shoestring Budget



“You can be successful in half the time using just a few of the ideas explained in Making Others Rich First. This book is an important reference for your library—one that outlines the practices and skills for achieving goals and realizing dreams. I enjoyed it. I was inspired by it. It changed my daily routine for investing in real estate.”


 — Tanya Miller, Author of

Karma Over Profits



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